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Have problems with or questions about your hair?  Some of the most often  asked questions are below.

My  hair color seems to fade too soon into a "brassy" look.  How do I avoid this?

The type of color &  formulation is determined at the time of your hair appointment to insure that your hair color lasts, stays true to the desired color and is best suited for your type of hair.  Often the incorrect hair color formula used can result in that "brassy", "dry" feeling of your hair.  The underlying pigment of your hair must be considered before applying hair color.  Just because you put a light golden brown on your hair doesn't mean it will come out that color.  Often consumers  will do their own  hair color and try to lift their natural  color using the wrong formulation and the results will be an off tone or totally undesired color of the hair.  That is where a  hair color specialist  uses her skills to make the right decision.  Janet is an independent hair stylist, hair colorist located in the shopping center near Stein Mart  at FM 1709 (Keller Parkway .) at the corner of Keller Smithfield Road and Keller Parkway (1709, Texas . Call Janet at  817  821-2082 for an appointment.

My hair color doesn't completely cover my grey hair.  Any suggestions?

Gray hair can often be difficult and very "stubborn" to cover due to the lack of gold pigmentation in your hair as you gray. Does it seem like the more gray hair you have , the more difficult it is to cover and get even results?  If the improper formula is applied, undesirable results might occur with your hair color  It  could result in  roots getting too light compared to the rest of your hair, or maybe the shade doesn't match the rest of your hair .Sometimes it might even look too ashy and transparent, not matching. Using the correct mixture of the primary colors  in the  hair color formula will result in great gray coverage.   Time to call in the hair color expert . Call Janet at 817  821-2082 for an appointment.

I am letting my hair grow out longer, but it just doesn't seem to grow.  What can I do?

A regular mini-trim will help.  If your hair is not at least slightly trimmed on a regular basis it will fray like the end of a rope.  Hair grows from the scalp, not the ends. Hair grows approx one half inch per month.  If the hair keeps breaking off at the ends, it seems like it is not growing.  Even a quarter of an inch can make a huge difference.  

I am male and need to look more professional and younger with my hair color, but I don't want it to look dyed. Any suggestions?

Absolutely!  It's possible to make you look  younger  by camouflaging the gray hair. . Using a demi permanent or semi permanent hair color can camouflage  your gray  hair It can look like it is "stained"  a shade or two darker without changing your natural, base color. Or it can just color the gray without changing the rest of your hair color.  And guess what?  It only takes a minimun amout of processing time.....a perfect  haircut to follow and you're on your way.  If you would like a more permanent looking color that can be done as well in a minimum amount of time in the privacy of a salon suite.In a changing job market where you need to look your best and as young as possible, this is the answer.  No more sitting out in the middle of a beauty salon feeling like everyone is staring at you.  Let the hair color specialist help you with your new "refreshed" look.  Call Janet for that next appointment at  817  821-2082.


I have highlighted my hair for yrs and want to go back to a darker hair  color.  My hair is now way too dark.  What now?

This is probably the most often asked question I receive on my website.. It seems so simple  to just go back to your natural color but can turn into a complete nightmare.  As your natural hair is lightened, the natural pigments that were originally there are now removed.  If they are not replaced in the "tint back" process your hair could look muddy, green, dull or be totally off tone. Leave this hair color correction to the specialist.


I get my hair colored every four weeks, highlights, low lights and root retouch. My lowlights always totally fade out. Why?

Your hair may not be accepting the lowlights long term because of the color formulation used and the porosity and condition of your hair. A deposit only hair color for the lowlights may do the trick. if a formula used does not have ammonia in it. A semi-permanent or demi permanent color is the best choice. The color will "hold" better that way. Since you aren't lifting the color for your lowlights, you don't need a color that has ammonia in it.

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